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One of the best ways to insure your investment in the J/105 is to support the Class. Your dues go toward supporting the web site, the class activities, and the J/105 News. Owners and Co-owners are strongly encouraged to become Members of the J/105 Class Association. Others may become Associate Members. Members are owners or co-owners. Associate Members are crew and supporters of the J/105 Class.

Please do not fill out this form if you are already a member.

To verify your status in our database, please enter your email address where indicated on the Members>Log In page. If you receive an error message stating your email is not in the database, please return here and complete this form.

If you have recently completed a membership form, but need to pay your dues, you may do so using the Express Payment option below.

Express Payment
Dues for 2024 membership are $100 for the first Owner/Co-Owner for every boat and then $50 for subsequent Co-Owners and for Associates.
Pay by Credit Card via Paypal:

You cannot currently pay with American Express

Pay by Check

Use this form to enter your contact information. After your application is reviewed for format and punctuation, and we have received your dues payment, your name will appear as paid on the membership list. If you are applying as an Associate Member, you may choose to be affiliated with a boat or not. If not, leave the hull number blank. Dues for 2024 membership are $100 for the first owner/co-owner for every boat and then $50 for subsequent Co-Owners and for Associates. If you prefer, you may mail in a application for national membership. Click here for a printable form.

Make sure your anti-spam filter is set to allow email from howell@j105.org.


Acceptance of your membership dues has nothing to do with your qualification as a "long-term shipmate and friend" under the Rules. Fleets may have separate requirements and applications. Please consult with your fleet. For example, Fleet #8 keeps its rules here.
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When you have completed the form, click the Submit button.



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