J/105 Class Association

One of the best ways to insure your investment in the J/105 is to support the Class. Owners and Co-owners are strongly encouraged to become Members of the J/105 Class Association. Others may become Associate Members.

Members are owners or co-owners. Associate Members are crew and supporters of the J/105 Class.

If you are already an owner with an email address on file, all you need to do is get a password by clicking "Members>Login" on the left menu. When in doubt, try this first. Once you enter your email address, we will send you a password to that address. It normally arrives in a minute or so.

If you are not currently registered or do not have an email address on file, register by filling in the form on the Members>Join page. After we review your contact information we will add you to the database. This may take a day or two.

Once you have registered and received a password, you can inspect and edit your contact information (after you have logged in) by clicking "Members>Review/Renew Membership".

More information about registration and passwords is available on the Login page.



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