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Why do I need to log in?

  • So you can access the membership list in the Member Area.
  • So you can access other valuable information in the Member Area.

Who can log in?

  • Members and Associate Members of the J/105 Class Association.

How do I log in?

  • Enter your UserID (or e-mail address) and Password in the form above and then click the Submit button.

How do I log in if I don't have a UserID or Password (or don't remember them)?

  • Enter your ID or e-mail address here and we will e-mail you your UserID and a new Password (for security purposes we only store passwords in encoded form so we cannot send you your old password). Make sure your anti-spam filter is set to allow email from howell@j105.org.

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Why can't I choose my own password?

  • You can. Simply type your UserID (or e-mail address), your old Password and the new Password below:

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Can I log out so that somebody using my machine cannot access or change my personal information?

  • Yes, clicking this button will log you out so that a password is required to log back in:

Do I have to log in every time I visit the site?

  • No, if you access the site from the same machine with the same browser software, we should be able to recognize you. If you change your machine or your browser software, you must log in again.


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