1998 Regatta Reports and Results

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1998 Charleston (SC) Big Boat Regatta
November 21, 1998

J/105 Debut in the Charleston Big Boat Regatta, November 21st was successful. TERN with 89 sq.meter chute won the 16 boat class A with a PHRF rating of 87 (3 second hit from One-Design 90 for the larger chute) finishing 40 seconds behind the first J/35 on a 7.4 mile race. CORSAIR was 8th on corrected TOT. We're hoping to have five J/105s on the line for the New Year's Day Hangover Regatta. Hopefully that will sober everyone up pretty quick as to what they should be sailing in 1999!!

September 23-27, 1998
Aka "The Big Boat Series"

Final Results Fleet: J/105
Races: 1 to 6
I = Infringement, D = DSQ, Y = Yacht Materially Prejudiced, P = Protest Pending

                                                                     No.  Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6
No. Sail No. Yacht Name      Skipper Name                     Rating Strt 17 Str 18 Str 18 Str 18 Str 18 Str 18 Str  Total
--- -------- --------------- -------------------------------- ------ ---- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
  1      105 THRASHER        Steve Podell                               6   1.00   6.00   2.00   7.00   7.00   5.00  28.00
  2    28682 BLACKHAWK       Dean Dietrich                              6   8.00   5.00   3.00   2.00   3.00  10.00  31.00
  3    43788 LA PAVONI       Zarko Draganic/H. Lammens                  6  20.00   4.00   1.00   6.00   2.00   2.00  35.00
  4      111 CHARADE         Tom Coates                                 6   4.00   7.00   6.00   5.00  10.00   3.00  35.00
  5       84 ADVANTAGE       Pat & Will Benedict                        5  20.00   1.00   4.00   3.00   1.00   7.00  36.00
  6    28831 BELLA ROSA      David Tambellini                           6   5.00   8.00   5.00   4.00   5.00  12.00  39.00
  7       35 SPEEDWELL       Tom Thayer/Dick Watts                      6  13.00   2.00   8.00   1.00  15.00   1.00  40.00
  8      112 SAIL'S CALL     Ian Charles                                6  10.00   9.00   9.00   9.00  13.00   4.00  54.00
  9    46456 IRRATIONL AGAIN Jaren F. Leet                              6   9.00  12.00  13.00  12.00   4.00   6.00  56.00
 10      157 WALLOPING SWEDE Tom Kassberg                               6  20.00   3.00   7.00  10.00  11.00  11.00  62.00
 11      180 JOUST           Alan Kelly                                 6   2.00  13.00  16.00  14.00   8.00  14.00  67.00
 12    28558 JOSE CUERVO     Sam Hock                                   6   3.00  11.00  17.00  11.00  12.00  13.00  67.00
 13    28447 ULTIMATUM       Vince Di Larenzo                           6  12.00  18.00  10.00  15.00   9.00   9.00  73.00
 14       93 WE BE JAMMIN 2  Chris Coffin                               6  20.00  14.00  20.00   8.00   6.00   8.00  76.00
 15      217 PIPPIN          David Owen                                 6   6.00  17.00  11.00  16.00  14.00  16.00  80.00
 16      151 HELE ON         Gene Rooney                                6   7.00  16.00  14.00  13.00  17.00  18.00  85.00
 17      196 CAPRICORN       Bill Booth                                 5  20.00  10.00  12.00  17.00  16.00  15.00  90.00
 18      103 AQUAVIT         Roy Steiner                                6  11.00  15.00  15.00  18.00  18.00  17.00  94.00
 19    46000 LUNA SEQ        Richard Smith                              1  20.00  20.00  20.00  20.00  20.00  20.00 120.00

1998 North American News and Results


                                                                          POINTS FOR RACE           TOTAL SERIES
    YACHT            OWNER'S          HULL          HOME                       NUMBER              POINTS  PLACE
    NAME              NAME            NMBR          PORT          1    2    3    4    5    6    7 
---------------- -------------------- ---- ------------------   ----------------------------------- ------------       
HiJinx           Robert M. Taylor      173   Jamestown, RI        1    1    2    5    1   (6)   1     11     1
No Surrender     Jack Colby             74   East Greenwich, RI   2    2    1    4    2   (8)   2     13     2
Tar Baby         Robert E. Carballal    80   Huntington, NY       7    5    3    1  (16)   2    7     25     3
Wet Paint        Donald Priestly       189   Newport, RI         11    4  (14)   2    3    7    3     30     4
Kima             Nelson Weiderman       35   Wickford, RI       (13)   7    4    3   11    5    9     39     5
Wet Leopard      Jim Sorensen          175   Sag Harbor, NY      10    3    6    8  (13)   3   11     41     6
Winged Victory   Terry Laughren        170   Darien, CT           4  (12)   9    9    6    9    4     41     7
Rigadoon         Bill Riggs             39   East Greenwich,RI    3    9    8  (13)   4   12    8     44     8
Elizabeth        Jonathan Zakin        144   Chicago, IL          9   11    7   12  (14)   1    5     45     9
Odyssey          Dimitris Spentzos     121   Port Jefferson,NY    5  (15)   5    7    7   14   10     48    10
Catamount        David Greenhouse      161   NY                   8    8   10  (14)   8   11   12     57    11
Mambo            Steve Phillips        209   Arnold, MD           6   13   13   10    5   12  (14)    59    12
Ketchupless      Andrew Rathbun        211   Ontario, Canada     14   14   12    6    9  (15)   6     61    13
All Right        Hugh C. McLean         56   Noank, CT          (16)  10   15   11   10    4   13     63    14
Phenix           Bob Swirbalis          55   Charlestown, MA     12    6   11  (16)  12   10   15     66    15
Bob Taylor and his team of Todd Berman (helmsman), Larry Lombardo (trimmer), Tim Kohl (pit), and Glen Hunter (bow) sailed to victory in the J/105 North American championship. After finishing second in the two previous North Americans, the Bob Taylor team finally achieved the gold on their home turf. That made it a grand slam, having previously won Block Island Race Week, the NYYC Rolex, and the NOOD regattas. Competition between the top two teams was extremely close with just one points separating HiJinx and Jack Colby's No Surrender going into Sunday's races. In the first race on Sunday, Taylor took No Surrender past the lay line of the first beat. When they returned to the weather mark they were in heavy traffic and both boats took their throwout. In the final race HiJinx had its backstay piston blow up on the first downwind leg. They had to jury rig something to get some tension on the backstay and it held together long enough for them to hold off Wet Paint and No Surrender.

Robert Carballal and his son Jesse recovered from an OCS on Saturday to finish third on Tar Baby. Don Priestly on Wet Paint had the distinction of being the top owner helming his own boat at fourth. Nelson Weiderman picked up the last trophy position in fifth on Kima.


1998 J/105 and J/92 North American Championships


September 13, 1998 Newport, RI......Rhode Island sailors took the top two positions in the J/105 class in this weekend's North American Championship for the J/105 and J/92 classes. In the J/105 class Bob Taylor of Charlestown edged out Jack Colby of Providence in the three day regatta hosted by the Ida Lewis Yacht Club in Newport. Race Chairman Lou Burns gave the 20 boats a full seven race series over windward leeward courses off of Brenton Reef. Taylor had finished 2nd in the two previous North Americans in Chicago and Annapolis. His crew included Glen Hunter of Jamestown, and Todd Berman, Tim Kohl and Larry Lombardo of Connecticut. Bob and Dean Carballal on TAR BABY of Centerport, NY captured 3rd. Rounding out the top five were Don Priestly of Mashpee, MA(4th) and Nelson Weiderman of Wakefield, RI (5th).


Friday 9-11-98 7:40pm Newport, RI........ The North American Championship for the J/92 and J/105 classes got underway today in Newport. After a one hour postponement, Ida Lewis Race Committee Chairman Lou Burns sent the fleets on two races off of Brenton Reef.

Bob Taylor, of Charlestown, RI and his team on the J/105 HIJINX continued their winning ways by picking up two first places, each by over two minutes. In fact Rhode Island boats made a clean sweep of the day, with Jack Colby of Providence finishing with two 2nds, and Bill Riggs of Warwick with a 3rd and 9th. Taylor won the J/105 New England Championship held earlier this season in Newport. In all, 15 J/105s representing 7 states are participating.

Up to 7 races are scheduled for the three day series, hosted by Ida Lewis Yacht Club and sponsored by Lewmar Marine, North Sails, J Boats, and Hall Spars/Hall Rigging.


With a 10 knot southwesterly wind already blowing at 8am there was no doubt in the minds of the competitors that lots of racing was in store for the 2nd day of the NA Champs for the J/92 and J/105 classes. Sailing World's editor Ed Adams, in his morning weather briefing, called for a building breeze with a solid 12-18 knots all day. In the first start of the day, the J/105 class aggressively pushed the line, causing the second general recall of the regatta. The second try got the fleet off on a 3 leg 5.32 mile course. With a long 2 mile first beat, the fleet split in both directions, but at the top the left side paid with Jack Colby of NO SURRENDER and Bob Taylor aboard HIJINX continuing their duel from day #1, rounding 1, 2 at the first mark. Close back was Bob Carballal on TAR BABY and Nelson Weiderman on KIMA. While the long beat did help in separating the top four from the rest of the pack, the middle of the fleet was tightly bunched down the run. With a short beat to the finish, NO SURRENDER tightly covered HIJINX and took the bullet by just under a minute. TAR BABY followed in 3rd, and KIMA held off the tight pack to capture 4th. The 4th-10th place finishers all crossed the line within 50 seconds, making it one of the tightest finished of the series.

The shorter beats in Race #4 were to the J/105 fleet's liking. For the first time in the event, NO SURRENDER and HIJINX were found fighting for clear air in the middle of the fleet. The early leaders TAR BABY and Don Priestly of WET PAINT excelled in the slightly breezier conditions and were able to hold their 1-2 positions for the entire race. Meanwhile on the run, NO SURRENDER and HIJINX began to show signs of more aggressive match racing. NO SURRENDER had the advantage, but didn't want to engage until the last beat. Rounding the last leeward mark with a bunch of boats, NO SURRENDER couldn't get close enough to hurt HIJINX, and so just sailed fast hoping to put boats in between. It almost worked, except WET PAINT and KIMA played spoiler by edging NO SURRENDER by 8 seconds and 2 seconds to snag 2nd and 3rd. 30 seconds later HIJINX nosed out Canadian Andrew Rathbun aboard KETCHUPLESS by 3 seconds to finish 5th.

Just to make sure everyone had a great workout (and would never complain about the lack of wind in Newport), Race Chairman Lou Burns sent the fleet on another 5 leg 7 miler for the third race of the day. With the switch in the current, the waves were now "bigger" than the breeze, meaning one had to depower the sails for the wind, yet also power them up for the waves. For the J/92s this meant the genoa vs. jib decision was critical for upwind performance. For the J/105s, the faster boats were sailing with draft forward in both main and jib, jib sheet slightly eased and only 1 hole back from normal lead position, and mainsail leech twisted with traveler below middle. This combination of trim allowed for some roundness or power in the sails, but with a wider (or depowered) slot between main and jib- meaning the helmsman had a wider less critical steering groove to keep the boat moving.

To no one's surprise, these conditions brought HIJINX and NO SURRENDER to the front of the pack. The now familiar spinnakers : solid white (HIJINX) and solid yellow (NO SURRENDER) were once again in front at the 1st weather mark but this time pushed closely by WET PAINT and Bill Riggs of RIGADOON. Bob Swirbalus of PHENIX also sailed a great beat, rounding the mark 3rd but, having retired in the 4th race with a torn spinnaker, was unable to keep up with the fleet downwind. While the left side of the course was paying most of the day, a cloud line from an advancing cold front moved onto the edge of the course during the race, pulling the wind to the right. HIJINX and NO SURRENDER succeeded in protecting the right to finish up 1-2. WET PAINT covered RIGADOON to finish 3-4; and with a very solid 5th, both boat-for-boat and on corrected, was Steve Phillips on the shoal-keeled MAMBO.

It was a bittersweet race for Bob Carballal aboard TAR BABY. After jibing and ducking 7 boats at the first weather mark, TAR BABY sailed what Carballal said was their "best race' by fighting back to a 4th place, only to be scored OCS for premature starting.

The day saw lots of shuffling in the 3rd-9th place standings. Saturday evening at the regatta dinner, daily sponsor LEWMAR MARINE presented Nelson Weiderman of KIMA with the J/105 daily 3rd, Bob Taylor a daily 2nd, and the Colby's of NO SURRENDER with the daily first.


The cold front passed through during the night leaving a 10-12 knot northeasterly wind at dawn. Ed Adams forecasted a shifty breeze trying to veer to the south as the inshore thermals built. After a brief postponement, the fleets were sent off on a M1 3-leg course in only 6-7 knots of wind. It took but one leg to see that the light air was going to shake up the standings in the J/105 fleet. Excelling in these conditions were Jim Sorenson of East Hampton, NY and Jon Zakin of Chicago, IL who rounded 1-3 at the first mark, accompanied by KIMA and Hugh McLean on ALLRIGHT. Six lengths back HIJINX held a two length advantage over NO SURRENDER. While most of the fleet jibed onto the headed port jibe, HIJINX stuck like glue to NO SURRENDER and they sailed into the unfavored right corner. This enabled TAR BABY (7th at the weather mark) to pass the regatta leaders downwind. At the front of the fleet, Jon Zakin on ELIZABETH called three excellent tactical jibes and was able to skirt around KIMA and WET LEOPARD to round first at the bottom and bring home the well deserved bullet. TAR BABY again demonstrated their comeback prowess by coming back to finish 3rd behind WET LEOPARD. In the race for 1st overall, HIJINX covered NO SURRENDER to the end, forcing both boats into their worst finishes of the series: 6th and 8th.

With the wind up to 10-12 knots, the Race Committee decided to run a final 5-leg M2 course. NO SURRENDER's tactics were clear. They needed to beat HIJINX by 2 places and finish in the top 4 to take the championship. Easier said than done. With the wind back up into their "magic range" HIJINX was back in high gear. At the first mark HIJINX and NO SURRENDER were 4th and 5th. The regatta was essentially clinched later on the downwind leg when HIJINX baited NO SURRENDER off to the right side of the run then quickly jibed for the "change of course" mark unseen by several of the race leaders. The fleet remixed at the leeward mark, the breeze built to 12-15 knots, and HIJINX and NO SURRENDER pulled to the front of the fleet holding off WET PAINT and Terry Laughren of WINGED VICTORY to the finish.

Jon Zakin and Chris Coffin of Chicago won the Daily 1st for their very strong 1,5 finishes. Bob Taylor and his team of Tim Kohl, Larry Lombardo, Todd Berman and Glen Hunter graciously accepted the perpetual trophy as the new North American Champions. They quickly set their sites on defending their title next year in San Francisco.


Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge Regatta, July 19-21

-------------------- ----------- ------------- --------------- ----------------
   1 JAVA                 58     J. Grooby          12.00      6    2    1    3 

   2 LE-RENARD           113     S. Philips         12.00      2    4    4    2 

   3 J MAKIN WAVES       210     S. Olinger         13.00      5    5    2    1 

   4 DARK STAR           164     D. Austin          16.00      4    1    7    4 

   5 THOOSA              163     J. Driver          19.00      1    8    5    5 

   6 WITCH               200     G. Robbins         21.00      3    3    8    7 

   7 LEGACY              198     S. Burnett         25.00      8    6    3    8 

   8 CURLEW               98     J/M Detweiler      26.00      7    7    6    6 
Hello from the Chesapeake Fleet. The 105's have had a great few weeks here: From spinsheet.com:

"The tie between JAVA and LE RENARD was broken based on number of firsts earned.

"Over 110 boats competed in three days of racing conducted on the Chesapeake Bay. Winds were generally 2-8 kts. true, occasionally building to 10 kts. late in the afternoon, resulting in only 4 races being run over the three days. Windward/leeward courses were used with fleets starting in reverse order of speed which resulted in some interesting confrontations as the faster boats caught the early starters, usually at the first windward mark. One race was abandoned after a 135 degree shift on the first weather leg scrambled all the fleets resulting in approximately 30 boats arriving at the "weather" mark at the same time. The third race was held in the Patuxent River adjacent to the Naval Air Station, the first time in the regatta's six year history that a race has been run on the river.

"This was the first time that the J/105s competed as a OD class with their own start. Winning Best Overall for the closest racing just highlighted for all the competitors what Fleet 3 already knew, you canŐt beat the J/105 OD for great racing!

"The race was named for the famous screwpile lighthouses that once dotted the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay. The Drum Point lighthouse, one of only two remaining examples, is now preserved at the Calvert Count Marine Museum at Solomons Island, MD."

Newport NOOD Regatta, August 14-16, 1998

                                                                          POINTS FOR RACE     TOTAL SERIES
    YACHT             OWNER'S          HULL          HOME                       NUMBER         POINTS PLACE
    NAME               NAME            NMBR          PORT             1    2    3    4    5     
----------------- -------------------- ---- ----------------------- -------------------------- --------------       
HiJinx            Robert M. Taylor      173      Jamestown, RI        2    1    1    4    3          11     1
Wet Leopard       Jim Sorensen          175      Sag Harbor, NY       4    6    2    1    1          14     2
Odyssey           Dimitrios Spentzos    121      Port Jefferson,NY    3    2   10    2    6          23     3
Kima              Nelson Weiderman       35      Wickford, RI         1    5    4  DSQ    4          28     4
Rigadoon          Bill Riggs             39      East Greenwich,RI   11    8    3    3    7          32     5
Catamount         David Greenhouse      161      NY                   8   10    9    6    2          35     6
All Right         Hugh C. McLean         56      Noank, CT            7    4    7   11    8          37     7
Capricorn III     William Hausner       129      LIS                  9    7    6    8   12          42     8
Phenix            Bob Swirbalis          55      MA                   5    9   13    5   11          43     9
Wet Paint         Donald Priestly       189      Newport, RI          6    3   12    9  DNF          44    10
Winged Victory    Terry Laughren        170      Darien, CT          10  DSQ    5    7   10          46    11
If Only...        Harvey Howalt         165      Newport, RI         12   11    8   10    5          46    12
Elizabeth         Franklin Parker       144      Stamford, CT       DNC  DNC   11   12    9          60    13

NYYC Rolex and New England Championship, July 24-26, 1998

                                                       POINTS FOR RACE                 TOTAL SERIES
    YACHT             OWNER'S          HULL                  NUMBER                    POINTS PLACE
    NAME               NAME            NMBR        1    2    3    4    5    6    7
----------------- -------------------- ---- ----------------------------------------  --------------       
HiJinx            Robert M. Taylor      173        2    2    4    1    1    1    1       12     1
If Only...        Harvey Howalt         165        1    3    2    3    2    4    4       19     2
Wet Paint         Donald Priestly       189        8    4    5    2    3    3    2       27     3
Ace               Fred Stelle            12        4    1    1    7    9    6    3       31     4
Kima              Nelson Weiderman       35        3    8    6    5    5    2    6       35     5
Tar Baby          Bob Carballal          80        5    5    9    4    4    5    7       39     6
All Right         Hugh C. McLean         56        6    9    3    9    7    7    8       49     7
Mambo             Brown                 209        7    6   10    6   10    8    5       52     8
Catamount         David Greenhouse      161        9   10    8    8    6    9   10       60     9
Jazz              Townsend               19       10    7    7   10    8   10    9       61    10

Block Island Race Week, June 22-26, 1998

                                                                          POINTS FOR RACE     TOTAL SERIES
    YACHT             OWNER'S          HULL          HOME                       NUMBER         POINTS PLACE
    NAME               NAME            NMBR          PORT          1    2    3    4    5    6 
----------------- -------------------- ---- -------------------- ------------------------------ ----------       
HiJinx            Robert M. Taylor      173      Jamestown, RI     3    4    4    1    2    1     15     1
Kima              Nelson Weiderman       35      Wickford, RI      1    10   2    3    1    4     21     2
Tar Baby          Robert E. Carballal    80      Huntington, NY    2    7    1    7    4    7     28     3
Plum Crazy        Andrew D. Skibo        90      Ocean City, NJ    6    2    7    6    5    5     31     4
All Right         Hugh C. McLean         56      Noank, CT         4    6    6    4    10   2     32     5
Wet Paint         Donald Priestly       189      Newport, RI       10   3    10   5    7    3     38     6
Odyssey           McAdams/Spentzos      121      Port Jefferson,NY 7    1    8    DSQ  6    6     41     7
Phantom           William Conway, Jr.   114      Perth Amboy, NJ   DNC  DNC  3    2    3    8     42     8
Winged Victory    Terry Laughren        170      Darien, CT        9    8    5    9    9    10    50     9
Thoosa            John Driver           163      Annapolis, MD     8    9    9    8    8    9     51    10
If Only...        Harvey Howalt         165      Newport, RI       5    5    11   11   11   11    54    11
Ketchupless       Donald S. McCluskey   211      Block Island, RI  11   DNF  12   10   12   12    70    12
Consistency and mistake avoidance proved to be the winning formula for owner Bob Taylor and helmsman Todd Berman in taking HiJinx to first place in Block Island Race Week. The week was marked by light to moderate air with occassionally dense fog with windspeeds rarely rising above 14 knots. HiJinx had no worse than fourth in the six race series of twelve J/105's. Kima, sailed by Nelson Weiderman, took second for the week, and Tar Baby with Bob and Dean Carballal took third.

Monday's races set the stage for the close racing that was to follow. The first race was sailed in light breezes. Kima rounded the last weather mark first hotly pursued by HiJinx and Tar Baby. The three boats were overlapped for much of the final leg with Kima gaining clear water only on the last jibe. Tar Baby came in on port jibe to edge out HiJinx by a nose. In Monday's second race, the wind lightened and the became more shifty. Being in the right place at the right time paid off for three boats that were out of the money in the first race. Dimitrios Spenzos' Odyssey picked up her bullet, and was followed by Andy Skibo's shoal draft Plum Crazy (having moved past two boats on shoal draft handicap) and Don Priestly's Wet Paint. At the end of the day, HiJinx was leading with a 3-4 and the J/105 class won the Boat of the Day for the closest racing. Seven of the twelve boats were in the hunt with point totals from 7 to 11 points.

Tuesday, the committee ran a four leg windward leeward course in light and dying breeze. In the only race of the day, Tar Baby got her bullet by a comfortable margin of 3:10. Kima took second and Phantom, who missed the first day due to rigging problems, took third after HiJinx performed two penalty turns at the final weather mark. After keeping the fleet waiting for the PHRF stagglers and hoping for the breeze to build, the race committee sent the fleet back to New Harbor after only one race to the cheers of all the competitors.

Wednesday was the 'Round the Island Race and was sailed in a fresh southeast breeze. HiJinx and Phantom took the early lead around the southern end of the island, but were passed by Kima and Wet Paint sailing for more breeze away from the island. By ducking in, however, they got less current and pulled back ahead. It was HiJinx, Phantom, Kima, and Wet Paint going up the east to Clay Head bluffs under kite when things got dicey. With a converging PHRF fleet sailing on port jibe all trying to protect their breeze, dozens of boats approached dangerously close to the charted rocks. First, HiJinx bailed out and jibed over to starboard and sacrificed her lead. Within seconds Phantom struck a rock hard. She continued straight and hit a second rock that threw her transom up a foot in the air. Then, with everybody hailing for sea room, the fleet moved gradually away from the rocks. Phantom and Kima continued sailing with their kites right up to 1BI with Phantom ahead and Kima overlapped on the outside. With a two knot adverse current, Phantom and HiJinx continued west into the teeth of it while Kima did a clearing tack across the current. Phantom and HiJinx continued right while Kima dodged the bigger boats passing them. HiJinx sailed very fast and gained a big lead, but came back to center for a loose cover over Kima. This was almost their undoing as Phantom stayed right in less current and they crossed the line together with HiJinx who eked their first bullet. To the amazement of all who witnessed the grounding, Phantom experienced only minor damage to her keel and continued in the regatta.

Thursday was marked by dense fog. After waiting for two hours, the RC sent the fleet out to the starting areas with no more than 200 yard visibility in the expectation that the fog would lift. The fog eventually did lift and when the five leg race was started, the weather mark could be seen a mile and a half away. About two thirds of the way up the leg, the fog closed in again and the mark disappeared. Those with sharp eyes and sharp tacticians rounded the mark in dense fog and sailed much of the downwind leg only being able to see their closest competitors. Kima got a good start and managed to lead at every mark, but was helped by a 10 degree left shift when HiJinx and Tar Baby took took the lead on the right going up the last windard leg.

On Friday, HiJinx craftily protected their two point lead over Kima by covering at every opportunity. Tar Baby established and kept a big lead at every mark, but uncharacteristicly sailed away from the fleet on the last upwind leg. They found a hole in the wind on the right and went from first to seventh in a flash. HiJinx picked up their second bullet of the week. Hugh McLean's All Right took second and Wet Paint third. In the end, eight of the twelve boats took home daily prizes.

An owners party hosted by Don Priestley and JBoats took place on Tuesday night. It was well attended and carried on till after midnight. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the party and by the end of the week everyone seemed to agree that this was a great regatta.

For previous results, see 1997 results.

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