1997 Regatta Reports and Results

Fleet 1 Report

1997 Results

Dean Dietrich filed the following report from San Francisco:

Harry Blake in LIMELIGHT pretty much ran away with fleet honors this year. Dave Tambellini in BELLA ROSA was second. Sorry, not sure who was third.

In the Big Boat Series, hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club, BELLA ROSA took honors, tied in points with Phil Gardener's 20/20 but coming out ahead under the tie breaking rules. We took third, one point behind, in BLACKHAWK.

Our midwinder season started this month and we had 10 J/105s on the starting line at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, really unheard of for midwinters.

The fleet is now 16 strong and we should have up to 13 boats on the starting line for next year. It's really satisfying to see the fleet still active and growing. These boats have hit a sweet spot in Bay Area racing.

November 1997

Sailing Club of Cowes Perpetual Trophy

On November 14 the Storm Trysail Club presented the overall class prizes and other special awards for Block Island Race Week XVII at the Larchmont Yacht Club. The Island Sailing Club of Cowes Perpetual Trophy goes to the class winner of the Around the Island Race who competed in the class with the lowest average time differential between first and fifth places. The J/105 class had the closest racing of the 18 classes with 5 or more participants. Only 62 seconds separated first and fifth place in the J/105 class after 17.7 miles of racing. The average difference among all the classes was 16 minutes, and the next closest competition after the J/105 class was the Mumm 30 class where the difference between first and fifth was four minutes and 25 seconds. Nelson Weiderman, sailing KIMA took the prize as the winner. Brian Tedeschi picked up the weekly first place award for ETHEREAL and Jesse Waters accepted the second place trophy for TAR BABY.

October 1997

Manhasset Bay Fall Series

Craig Albrecht sailed AVALANCHE to a first place finish in Class G of the Manhasset Bay Fall Series, sailed on the third and fourth weekends in October. Thirteen boats participated in a tight PHRF class with ratings from 78 to 84. It included three other J/105s as well as two Tripp 33s and a Tripp 37. In the seven race series, AVALANCHE placed no worse than second and had two firsts and five seconds. Other J/105s participating were PHANTOM, ODYSSEY, and CAPRICORN. A J/33 was second and a C&C34 was third. For complete Fall Series results see: http://www.yranet.com/.

'97 Annapolis Yacht Club Fall Series

Eleven J/105's raced in the Annapolis Yacht Club Fall Series races on three consecutive Saturday's in October. The J/105's raced and were scored in their one-design configuration within the 32 boat PHRF A2 fleet. The J/105's competed for trophies including the AYC Fall Series Perpetual Trophy which is a J/105 Half Hull model displayed at the Annapolis J-Port that has the winning boat's name engraved on it. Very competitive racing coupled with the great social environment including the United States Sail Boat Show made for fun weekends for all who participated.

 1  LE-RENARD         S. PHILLIPS        1   1   8      9.5
 2  ARCHANGEL         M.  SORENSEN       3   6   1      9.75
 3  JAVA              GROOBEY/HRONEK     4   4   2     10
 4  PLUM CRAZY        A. SKIBO           2   7   4     13
 5  MACCABEE          R. LEVITT          5   2   7     14
 6  CURLEW            J&M DETWEILER      7   8   5     20
 7  SEASAW            K. RYMAN           8   3  DNC    23
 8  BLONDE ATTACK     B. SUTTON          6   5  DNC    23
 9  TOURIST TRAP      MIKULSKI/STITZE    9  11   3     23
10  NO MORE TROUBLE   J. CORCORAN       10   9   6     25
11  ATALANTA          D. BIRD           11  10   9     30
For complete AYC Fall Series results see: http://www.us.net/ayc/fall97.htm. For more Chesapeake Bay racing information see Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association: http://sailing.org/cbyra/.

Toshiba Carlisle Classic (October 11)

Jane and Philip Francoeur report that they raced (and sailed) CARIOCA for the first time on Oct.11, having put her in the water for the first time late the day before. The boat was only partially commissioned and sailed with an untuned rig. But they still won their class and overall in the Toshiba Carlisle Classic in Clearwater, FL! They had great fun and their accomplishment was written up on the front of the sports pages in the St. Petersburg Times! Now CARIOCA will be shown at the St. Pete Sail Expo November 5-9 and then taken home to Naples. Dan Kerckhoff has purchased hull #187, and SOUTHERN CRESCENT will be soon joining CARIOCA in Naples. It must be nice to sail year 'round!

September 1997

J/105 North Americans (Chicago, September 26-28)


 1  Fred Babson         FLUIDITY          1  3  3  1  1  3 (4)  12
    Sandusky Ohio       #39
 2  Robert Taylor       HIJINX            2  1  2  5  3  2 (5)  15
    Jamestown, RI       #173
 3  Don Cameron         LUCKY DUBIE       4  2  5  3  2 (5) 1   17
    Chicago, IL         #46
 4  George Petkovic     REVELATION       (8) 4  4  4  4  1  2   19
    Chicago, IL         #64
 5  John Zakin          WE BE JAMMIN 2   (5) 5  1  2  5  4  3   20
    Chicago, IL         #93
 6  Pat Clark           ENGARD            6  6  6 (7) 7  6  6   37
    Chicago, IL         #165
 7  Marty Hastings      JOIE DE VIE       7 (9) 7  6  6  8  8   42
    Mt Prospect, IL     #123
 8  Laughlin/Radtke     MOSQUITO          3  8 (9) 8  8  7  9   43
    Milwaukee, WI       #143
 9  Rod Wallace         ROAD RUNNER       9  7  8  9  9 (9) 7   49
    Centerville, IA     #101
Babson wins 1997 J/105 North Americans

The third time was the charm for Fred Babson and his team from Sandusky, Ohio. After finishing 7th in San Francisco in 1995 and 5th in Annapolis in 1996, Babson and his crew of Gary Harris, Rick Poorman, Pat Hughes and Bruce Roberts beat a tough fleet to win the 1997 J/105 North Americans in Chicago Sept. 26-28. The seven race, one throw-out series in moderate but shifty winds rewarded conservative "away from the corners" sailing, conditions well suited to Babson and his Lake Erie team.

The first race was a good omen for the out-of-town boats as Babson and Bob Taylor of HIJINX dueled towards a 1-2 finish. Taylor, from Jamestown, Rhode Island borrowed a J/105 trailer, then hired Babson's delivery driver to tow it the 1,800 miles to Chicago. Arriving just as the skipper's meeting got underway, HIJINX's mast was stepped with the assistance of a derrick on the top deck of host Columbia Yacht Club, whose club house is a 300' moored ship. An hour later HIJINX was ready to sail.

Race 2 and 3, sailed in a light to moderate northerly with chop, saw the emergence of the local boats. Don Cameron on LUCKY DUBIE took a solid 2nd in Race 2 behind HINJINX, then John Zakin aboard the red boat WE BE JAMMIN 2 won Race 3 followed by HIJINX and FLUIDITY. The key to success appeared to be BOTH staying in the breeze lines AND keeping the boat moving through the chop. The lead boats sailed with no backstay tension and lots of depth in the small jib, constantly easing and trimming the sails and steering wider angles upwind.

The second day saw a slight drop in the chop, but no less shiftiness from the wind. Starting in the southerly direction, the breeze kept eeking towards the east, making the left side predominately favored all day. Fred Babson and FLUIDITY seized the opportunity to notch two bullets and a 3rd. By the end of the day the top of the fleet settled into two groups, with HIJINX challenging FLUIDITY for the lead, and LUCKY DUBIE, WE BE JAMMIN 2 and George Petkovic's REVELATION duking it out for the number 3 spot.

With six races in, and one day to get in the 7th, Race Chairman John Thomas amended the time limit to allow for a six-leg 13 mile windward-leeward course. The competitors were rewarded with a 12-16 knot northwesterly wind. Babson held a 2 point advantage over Taylor, and Taylor's only chance to win the regatta was for HIJINX to win Race 7 and have Babson's FLUIDITY finish 3rd or worse. Having just come off competing in the CIGNA Cup match racing event, and as HIJINX's Todd Berman said "having our tails handed to us by Pace, Gilmour and Holmberg," the HIJINX team was ready to apply some of their newly learned moves to ambushing FLUIDITY. The race committee and the rest of the fleet were treated to an aggressive display of pre-race match racing, with both boats alternatively getting the advantage, circling the committee boat like vultures. Just prior to the starting signal, HIJINX was able to push FLUIDITY over the line, but in so doing started early herself, and with the view of the line totally blocked, the committee recalled the fleet. Moments later, the two boats were at it again. This time, both started cleanly with HIJINX to leeward and FLUIDITY safely on her windward hip. The two continued to the left until HIJINX could tack and cross FLUIDITY. A short tacking duel ensued, and when the smoke cleared, both boats were stuck in the left corner and soon passed by several boats. The defining moment came at the windward mark, when FLUIDITY tacked safely in front of HIJINX about 5 lengths from the mark. HIJINX extended her bowsprit in preparation for the spinnaker set and then briefly established an overlap with the bow sprit inside of FLUIDITY's transom. The boats rounded without contact but red flags quickly appeared on the backstays. To the relief of everyone, especially those who knew of the good-natured rivalry that had developed between HIJINX and FLUIDITY, both protest flags were later lowered and no protests filed. In the end, Race 7 was a clean sweep for the local boats with LUCKY DUBIE, REVELATION and WE BE JAMMIN 2 finishing 1, 2, 3 and thereby locking up the 3, 4, 5 positions in the regatta. FLUIDITY carefully covered HIJINX to the end to lock up a well deserved victory. Later at the awards ceremony, the FLUIDITY crew was presented with the J/105 North American Championship perpetual trophy, newly given to the class by Regatta Chairman Chris Coffin. Rod Wallace and his team aboard ROAD RUNNER were presented a KVH Datascope for the "Go-Fast" award. Larsen Marine, Doyle Sailmakers, America True Syndicate, and J Boats were also recognized for supporting the event. The 1998 North Americans is slated for Newport, Rhode Island.

Tuning/sail differenced between FLUIDITY and HIJINX:

                              FLUIDITY         HIJINX

HEADSTAY LENGTH               13035mm*         13035mm*
MAST BUTT (From Blkhd)         9.75"               9"
UPPER SHROUDS                   +11              +11
INTERMEDIATE SHROUDS            +10               +8
LOWER SHROUDS                    +1               +4
MAIN                        North Dacron       Banks Dacron
JIB                         North Soft Norlam  Banks Mylar/Dacron
SPINNAKER                   North 89 sq meter  Halsey 89 sq meter

*/ Measured from the headstay pin to the intersection of stem and sheerline.

August 1997

Newport NOOD (Newport, August 15-17)

 1  Bob Carballal       Tar Baby          3    1    4    2    2        11.75 
    Centerport, NY      #80
 2  Terry Laughren      Winged Victory    4    5    1    6    3        18.75
    Darien, CT          #170
 3  Bob Taylor          Hi Jinx           6  3.94   3    1    6        19.69
    Charlestown, RI     #173
 4  Bob Swirbalis       Phenix            1    3    8    7    4        22.75 
    Charlestown, MA     #55
 5  Nelson Weiderman    Kima              4*   7    2    5    5        23.00
    Wakefield, RI       #37     
 6  Harvey Howalt       If Only ...       8    4    5    6*   1        23.75 
    Newport, RI         #165
 7  Paul Simpson        Tern              9    2    6    3    9        29.00
    Greenwich, CT       #73
 8  Hugh McLean         All Right         5    6   10    8    7        36.00
    Windsor, CT         #56
 9  Ernest Hardy, Jr.   Jaguar            7    9    9   10    8        43.00
    Winthrop, MA        #102
10  Josh Burack         Peregrina        10    8    7    9   10        44.00 
    New Rochelle, NY    #167
11  Kirk Brown          Jazz             11   10   11  DNC  DNC        56.00 
    Hingham, MA         #19

*/ Scoring penalty accepted (two positions)
Fleet 2 continued its reputation for close racing as five different boats won in five different races in the NOOD Regatta. Dean Carballal sailed consistently enough to win the regatta and has the right to compete in this years Brut Cup. Finishes of the races were characterized by close finishes with as many as five or six boats finishing within 20-30 seconds after five miles of racing. Sailing conditions were excellent with winds in the range of 10-16 knots for most of the three day regatta.

June 1997

Block Island Race Week (Block Island, June 23-27)

 1  Brian Tedeschi      Ethereal          1    4    3    8    1    3      20
    Norwell, MA         #27
 2  Bob Carballal       Tar Baby          4    2    7    2    2    4      21 
    Centerport, NY      #80
 3  Fred Stelle         Ace               5    1    4    7    7    1      25 
    Sag Harbor, NY      #12
 4  Nelson Weiderman    Kima              3    6    1    5    9    2      26 
    Wakefield, RI       #37     
 5  Dimitrios Spentzos  Odyssey           6    7    5    1    4    7      30 
    Port Jefferson, NY  #121
 6  David Huck          Just Married      2    8    2    9    3    8      32 
    NY (charter)        #55
 7  Leslie Laughren     Winged Victory    8    5    6    3   10    5      37
    Darien, CT          #170
 8  Hugh McLean         All Right         9    3    DSQ  4    5   10      43
    Windsor, CT         #56
 9  Ian Steel           Domino II        10   11    8    6    8    6      49
    Verona, NJ          #119
10  William Conway, Jr. Phantom           7    9    9    10   6    9      50 
    Franklin Lakes, NJ  #114
11  Ron Mortara         Gioia            11   10   10   11   DNC  DNC     66 
    Waban, MA           #162
This year's Block Island Race Week was marked by very close competition among the racers. Four boats won races and only four points separated the top five boats going into the final day. Conditions were generally light and variable with no racing held on Tuesday due to lack of consistent breeze. The boats were very evenly matched in speed and the crews that could find the breeze, the angles, and the favorable current managed to come out ahead.

Nantucket Gold Regatta (Newport, June 7-8)

Nelson Weiderman sailed Kima (#37) to first overall in Class C of the Nantucket Gold Regatta with second an third place finishes on Saturday and a first on Sunday. The fleet included 11 boats with PHRF ratings from 78 to 143. Kima sailed with a rating of 90 with a 142 percent genoa and a class spinnaker. Second overall was a Quest 30 rated 84. Third was a J/29 rated 111. Fourth was a Melges 24 rated 105.

Saturday's races were postponed for two hours while the race committee waited for the wind to fill from the ESE in Block Island Sound. Two short races were sailed in good breeze that eventually got up into the high teens. The Melges surfed to victory in the fist race, while the second was won by the J/29 (with Rolex Yachtswoman Betsy Allison aboard). On Sunday the RC posted a course around Jamestown Island and started it in a northerly. At the north end of Jamestown Kima was in mid-fleet, but when the wind died, the crew kept the boat moving and she sailed around the leaders and most of the B fleet. When the wind shifted all the way around from the west to the southeast, the last leg went from a close starboard jibe spinnaker reach to a port tack beat. Kima finished 30 seconds behind the Quest for the victory on corrected time.

May 1997

FIGAWI (Hyannis to Nantucket, May 24)

Bob Swirbalis placed 6th in Phenix and Robert Lever placed 8th in Headhunter in the 14 boat Division C Fleet of the 26th Annual Figawi Race. The J/105's were scratch boats in the division, which had PHRF ratings from 81 to 102. For complete results, see the Figawi web site.

January 1997

Key West Race Week (January 20-24)

Tony Dell's newly purchased XSSX (#145) won seven of eight races in taking top honors in Class C (PHRF 6) at Key West Race Week. Helming XSSX was Henry Bossett of North Sails, New Jersey. Three other J/105's participated in a 17 boat class that included PHRF ratings from 78 to 126. The J/105s used PHRF sail inventories and rated 78. Also doing well were William Conway's Jr. in PHANTOM (#114) who finished 5th and owners Dick Roberts and Fred Babson who teamed for an 8th on FLUIDITY (#39).

After some light air on Monday, racing was in near perfect conditions ranging from 14 to 20 knots of breeze. Tuesday and Friday were especially challenging with waves and chop. For more details, see Key West Race Week web site.

For previous results, see 1996 results.

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