J/105 Class Association
  Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup
  Chris Perkins on HA sails
  Preserving Your Rig by Walt Nuschke
  Weighing Boats by Walt Nuschke
  More Target Boat Speeds (courtesy of Bruce Stone)
  Target Boat Speeds (courtesy of Tim Dawson)
  JATO's protocols for trailering (getting in, getting out, butt rig photo)
  There's No Lee Bow Effect -- Dave Perry
  On Safety, Sportsmanship, the Rules, and Protecting your Investment by Jaren Leet 9/4/01
  Rigging diagram of the split mainsheet system (courtesy of George Petkovik)
  Warning about leaking cooling hoses (courtesy of Nelson Weiderman and Stuart Burnett)
  Preliminary IMS Certificate for Hull #536 Chanticler (Class sails)
  IMS Certificate for Hull #105 Monkeyshines (with 110 and genoa)
  The Basics of Covering (courtesy of Michael Hobson)
  Cruising Tips & Amenities
  Develop your own Tactical game plan for any race (courtesy of Michael Hobson)
  Tips on employing an agent to sell, charter or transport your boat
  To Key West and Back by Terence Glakin 8/14/01
  Adding PHRF Adjustable Genoa Tracks to the J/105 by Stuart Burnett
  Crew Guide by Jack Gierhart (updated 5/23/01)
  Configuring a Nexus System by Stuart Burnett
  Offshore Safety (ORC Category 2) Checklist with Costs (courtesy of Dan Heun)
  Three Ways to Douse an Asymmetric by Ullman/Pozefsk
  Getting Up to Speed by Joerg Esdorn
  Tune Your Rig (to the Owner and the Sails) by Andy Skibo
  Spreadsheet tool for computing your spinnaker size (courtesy of Elizabeth Paszkiewicz)
  Target Boatspeeds for PHRF (class & 155 genoa, 77, 89, and 110 spinnakers) by Nick Brown
  Crew Organization by Bob Taylor
  Managing Your Midgirth by Nelson Weiderman
  Furler Warning from Harken
  Racing Tips
  Trailering your J/105
   How did he do that?


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