J/105 Class Association
  Speed Guide
  Miscellaneous Part Numbers for Replacement Parts
  Retrofit for 12:1 outhaul
  Rigging Specifications
  Decoding your Hull Identification Number (HIN)
  Have you checked your emergency tiller lately?
  Floatline Diagram
  Headstay Measurement Diagram
  Floatline Procedures & Certificate
  Weight comparison of SCRIMP and non-SCRIMP boats
  J/105 Technical Bulletin 4/27/01
  J/105 Targets (courtesy of Tim Dawson)
  PHRF Handicaps for the J/105
  Engineering Changes made to the J/105
  Harken's Headstay Adjustment Instructions 
  Harken's Full Manual for the MKIII Unit 1 Furler 


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