J/105 Class Association
2017 Executive Committee     
The Executive Committee consists of the four officers, the Copyright Holder, the Past President, plus the fleet representatives from the active fleets (those fleets with ten or more owner/members). For every multiple of ten owners, the fleet representative gets one vote. In addition, the Copyright Holder (JBoats) appoints an "at-large" fleet owner/representative.
  2017 Officers
  President Bill Lakenmacher
Fleet #17
713-266-6188 (O)
713-682-2477 (H)
713-266-6887 (Fax)
  Vice President Doug Bullock
Fleet #4
416-868-1616 x1023 (O)
416-488-1474 (H)
  Secretary/Treasurer Paul Beaudin
Fleet #6
917-584-5194 (O)
917-584-5194 (H)
  Measurer Matthew Arno
Fleet #16
817-995-6762 (O)
817-995-6762 (H)
877-433-2029 (Fax)
  Class Administrator Chris Howell 440-796-3100 (O)
216-916-4840 (Fax)
  Past President
(voting member of the ExecComm)
James Macdonald
Fleet #21
441-293-8270 (O)
441-293-8270 (H)
  Copyright Holder
(voting member of the ExecComm)
Jeff Johnstone
401-846-8410 (O)
401-846-4723 (Fax)
jeffj at jboats dot com
  Fleet At-Large Robert Mock
Fleet #22
440-564-7187 (O)
440-564-7187 (H)
440-564-7187 (Fax)
  At-Large Peter Becker
Fleet #6
212-282-2546 (O)
914-967-9537 (H)
  At-Large Andrew Kennedy
Fleet #3
202-333-7889 (O)
202-237-1814 (H)
202-333-8078 (Fax)
  Technical Committee
  Matthew Arno
Fleet #16
817-995-6762 (O)
817-995-6762 (H)
877-433-2029 (Fax)
  Pat Benedict
Fleet #1
925-837-0780 (H)
925-837-0721 (Fax)
  Angelo Guarino
Fleet #3
  Fleets with Votes
Fleet #1 - San Francisco3 votes
Fleet #2 - New England1 vote
Fleet #3 - Chesapeake2 votes
Fleet #4 - Lake Ontario2 votes
Fleet #5 - Lake Michigan1 vote
Fleet #6 - Long Island Sound1 vote
Fleet #8 - Southern California1 vote
Fleet #17 - Galveston Bay1 vote
Fleet #20 - Northwest1 vote
Fleet At-Large
Represented by Robert Mock
Fleet #22
1 vote

As a result, the Executive Committee has four officers, 9 fleet representatives, and the Past President, Copyright Holder, and 3 At-Large Representatives, for a total of 18 members who collectively have 22 votes. Please see the Fleet page for the fleet representatives.



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